The 06 Best Baby Jumpers Of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you searching Best Baby Jumpers of 2020? There are hundreds of different ways to stimulate infants, and stimulation usually helps them in their development in some way. One way to help babies with their growth is by allowing them ample play time and a variety of materials to play with. Letting babies do actions such as reaching and kicking are also great ways to help them in their visual and motor development. There are toys out there that are geared towards helping infants with their growth processes in addition to providing some fun and entertainment, and one of these toys is the simple baby jumper.

Baby jumpers come in all shapes and sizes and have transformed throughout history. Baby jumpers have many other purposes besides just the fun and excitement that comes with bouncing around. The best baby jumpers can help stimulate the developing senses of babies in the simplest ways possible. They allow babies to exercise their growing legs. Some jumpers are also equipped with a number of activities to nurture infants’ developing eyes, ears, and touch responses. There are different types of baby jumpers that can help in infant development.

The three main kinds are the stationary jumper, the doorway jumper, and the stationary activity jumper. Stationary jumpers typically just provide a bouncing activity for the baby, while activity jumpers have additional toys for babies to entertain themselves with while on the jumper. Doorway jumpers are simply jumpers that are suspended on doorframes through cables. While every parent has preferences as far as what will be best for his or her baby, it’s important to know the many factors that can affect the decision to purchase whichever kind of baby jumper is truly the best.

Here in this section, we are just going to list all the 07 Best Baby jumpers 2020 that we are going to talk about in details later on!

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This activity baby jumper is made to entertain younger infants who are able to hold their heads up without assistance. The rainforest theme is full of fun, bright colors that are sure to engage not only the baby’s attention but also his or her visual senses as well. 

It also features blinking lights and a variety of sound and music that are triggered with the baby’s movement. These help infants learn easy problem solving skills as they are rewarded with stimulation every time they bounce or jump.

This Fisher-Price baby jumper has other activity features as well. It has animal characters in the front of equipment that can be grasped by babies. It also has plush birds that babies can reach for overhead and many other extra toys.

This jumper is a stationary type that has a comfortable seat that hangs on three suspenders. It is safe and easy to clean as well. The round base makes this jumper sturdy and resistant to toppling over; it gives parents ease of mind, while it provides infants with tons of entertainment while bouncing around. This jumper can also be retracted to occupy a smaller storage space.



Special features of Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

2. Jolly Jumper On A Stand For Rockers

This stationary jumper is all about jumping. What it lacks in extra activities, it makes up with the benefits it offers for infants.

This jumper is designed for babies that are not yet able to climb out on their own, and babies must be able to hold their head up pretty steady on their own for long periods of time. This stationary jumper has a sturdy set up that includes four legs that hold up infants in the middle.

The seat itself is made out of a comfortable fabric material that is suspended from the stand by a metal bar that is connected to a spring. The purpose of this Jolly Jumper is to help babies with their muscle development and overall coordination.

The more infants use this jumper, the more they can improve their sense of balance and their leg strength as well.  It is safe for babies’ bodies, especially for their delicate spines. It also happens to be fairly portable and can be transported easily. The jumper doesn’t have too many components to it, so it can be stored away and set up quickly as needed and even when on the go.



Special features of Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

3. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Baby Einstein is known in the baby industry as a great manufacturer. This is evident in this jumper, as it has so many features that can entertain babies for hours on end. This activity jumper features animal characters on its design that are easily recognizable for babies. The jumper is full of color and animation, so babies surely won’t get tired of it so easily.

Besides, it has activities on top of activities that help babies in their development. This jumper has many things to pull on, push, twist, turn, and manipulate in other ways. It can also produce sounds and colorful lights.

The jumper setup itself is one of the safest in the market. It is suspended in a way that is extremely safe for babies, as the seat does not suspend too far from the base.

The seat rotates as the baby controls it, so it allows infants a 360-degree view of his or her surroundings. Anything can be hung up on its arches with chain links to stimulate babies’ interests further. It is also completely adjustable for different heights and will grow with babies as needed.



Special features of Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

4. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

When it comes to versatility, nothing in the market can truly compare to this Evenflo Learning Center. While it can act as a jumper as one of its features, this Exersaucer can also be an activity play mat and a learning station as well.

It features an animal-themed setting and has tropical colors of blues, yellows, and greens that are soft to babies’ eyes. The jumper features butterflies babies can pull on, a ridged tree trunk for tactile sensation, other toys that make sounds and music, and a variety of other textures and shapes to explore.

The baby jumper features a rotating seat that allows babies to explore this tropical setting all around. It’s a fun way to develop balance and coordination while jumping and bouncing as well. The jumper features an actual floor base, so babies are not pushing against a hard floor, but a gentler plastic material. 

It’s even safer for babies, since the entire jumper stands on a flat base and not just on legs alone. This jumper also happens to be adjustable, so babies can use it even as they get bigger. 

As a matter of fact, babies can begin using this learning center even before they can sit with its capability of turning into a play mat. Once babies are too big to be confined to a jumper, this Exersaucer can then be turned into a learning station that can provide endless hours of creative fun for older infants and even toddlers.



Special features of Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

5. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump And Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

Although it looks much like other jumpers, this Evenflo Exersaucer has extra features for the most curious of babies. It features over 40 learning activities that help nurture babies’ development.

It has overhead toys for reaching and grasping, a variety of animal characters for memory development, a mirror for self-recognition, and many others. All of these toys are removable and can be customized to fit in different slots, so babies see and experience something different each time they get on the jumper.

The safety of the jumper is also not a question at all. The main seat of the jumper is suspended from three sturdy and thick pillars. The seat looks like a wide saucer that almost acts as a table for the jumping baby.

The seat can be adjusted to three different positions to accommodate for different baby heights as well. This stationary jumper may not be easy to dismantle for storage, but its designs are so pretty that they can be permanent accessories to any nursery. This stationary jumper will help babies develop their senses through the many activities it offers.

However, the best benefit of this jumper is the physical exercise it can offer for the smallest of infant bodies. Babies also need to develop their neck, back, and leg muscles much like adults do. A strong neck and back muscle will help babies grow with a healthy spine and help with their overall movements as well. Stronger leg muscles will also help babies when they are ready to learn how to crawl or walk. All of these muscle developments will help babies improve their gross motor skills that will be useful as they grow into their toddler years.



Special features of Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump And Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest

6. Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

This baby jumper is an activity jumper and a doorway jumper in one. Perhaps the best part about this jumper is its portability.

It can hang from any framed doorway in any establishment. It even has a special locking mechanism for that extra safety that parents look for. This Sassy Seat jumper comes with a total of 5 toys that can help babies with their development.

Some of these toys include a mirror, a rattle, and a teether among others. These toys help babies in their visual development, tactile, and also auditory development.

The baby jumper itself helps babies develop the leg muscles that are so important for them to learn to walk. The activity of jumping and bouncing also helps babies develop stronger spines and neck muscles as well.

This jumper is made for babies who are not able to climb out of seats just yet. Babies will have plenty of fun on this jumper, especially if they can be moved from place to place.



Special features of Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

How to Choose the Best Baby Jumper

When it comes to choosing Best Baby Jumper there are a few things you must consider to make the best choice and here they are:


Perhaps the most important consideration to make for a parent is the type of baby jumper they prefer. Some parents feel that doorway jumpers are just way to unsafe for babies; therefore, they prefer stationary ones instead. Other parents feel that the plain old stationary jumper takes up way too much space for what it is capable of doing for babies. Still, some believe that activity jumpers may be the best because of the many features they offer.

Weight limit

According to the experts from, most babies will weigh anywhere between 11 to 15 pounds at around 3 months of age. This will roughly be the age when baby jumpers will be appropriate for babies. While manufacturing companies will have a recommended weight range for their baby jumpers, it is important to still assess whether your baby can use a jumper, as some babies weigh more or less than average. Make sure the baby jumper you purchase has a reasonable minimum and maximum limit for weight range.


Much like weight, babies also range in height and length. While experts define average 3-month-old height at roughly 24 inches, many babies will not fall along this curve. Make sure the baby jumper has the capability of height adjustment to accommodate for babies that are either shorter or taller than the average. You will want the infant’s toes to be able to just touch the ground with his or her toes enough to be able to push and bounce. Anything less or more than this will defeat the purpose of the jumper altogether.

Jumper seat

The seats on the baby jumper can differ in a number of ways. Some jumper seats are designed in a way to restrict babies’ movements, while others are designed to allow babies a little bit more freedom of movement. Depending on the parent, make sure to take the seat type into consideration before choosing a baby jumper. Here are other points to consider regarding jumper seats:

Strap safety

The mechanism of baby jumpers involve babies being somewhat suspended on their seat. Regardless of how well baby jumpers are made, there is still a slight risk involved in using them, just as much as using other infant toys might have. However, some baby jumpers are made better than others. Make sure that a single strap is not the only thing suspending the jumper. Two or more elastic suspenders will fare better than one. The quality of the suspenders also counts. Low-grade material may snap or break easily. Invest in quality materials to ensure the safety of your baby.

Other considerations

Besides the main points mentioned above, these are other considerations that should be taken to find out which is the best baby jumper for your baby.

Final Verdict

Baby jumpers are essential for a healthy baby development. There are so many different kinds to choose from, and they all have different features to offer. The baby jumpers and other activity toys described here are some of the best in the market. They offer feature that not only help stimulate the different senses of infants; these baby jumpers also help in the muscle development of babies’ legs, back, and neck. 

All of these are key to having good balance and coordination—things that babies will need as they begin their toddler years. Without proper balance and coordination, walking will just be completely impossible and so will running and other gross motor skills such as jumping, skipping, swimming, and many others. The baby jumper options here are the best and are definitely worth to purchase.

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