10 Best Sun Hat For Baby That keeps Away UV’s & Given Sun Protection

Have you ever wondered why people buy sun hat for babies? Well I think you would and it’s not for fashion only. Main purpose is to protect themselves from ultra violate rays of the sun. UV rays are mainly the culprit for the skin cancer and many other skin dieses. That’s why parents are buying sun hat for their babies.

Just like other useful baby accessories for summer like kids sprinkler for summer water fun, cool sunglasses for babies, toys, kids binocular for summer campaigns, golf sets etc play things sun hat is also very cool for baby styling. It does style with safety and protective ways. It’s perfectly fine to wear while visiting some cool places like Disney world, amusement park, national parks, theme parks, for the beach and also usable for regular basis make astonishing look for babies.

When it comes for babies sun rays are more harmful than adults as they are the future of our representative so their safety is essential. We have listed some of the cool and most sun protection hat for baby. Actually we subdivided into 3 types

  • Best sun hat for baby boy
  • Best sun hat for baby girl
  • Best sun hat for Unisex

That will help you to find what’s your exact requirement and saves time by browsing more products that not suitable for you.

We have reviewed only safe products and most popular among babies as well as to parents. Buy one for you too then you and your baby going to have lots of fun together. It’s a life saver for summer beach vacations. Don’t forget to put it your baggage before going summer vacations.

Best Baby Sun Hat 2021

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Top 11 Best Sun Hat For Babies

We have thoroughly researched on best sun hat for babies over a week and concluded only an 11 sun hat that we recommended for your kids. Every hat is good sun protector, stylish and very economical when it comes to price of the hats.

We have include a user thought section those contains honest review of the valued users of the products that will help you to find out most desired products and with its evaluations as well.

Best Sun Hat For Baby Boy

Usually sun hat for babies does come up for unisex use. For newborn baby its does not really a matter. But as they grown up baby boy has some boyish choice that differs from girls. I.e. Baby boy does not like pink color at all, but all girls across the worlds love pink color.

We kept those boyish choice and come up with 4 excellent sun hats for baby boy. These sun hats not only give them in summer sun comfort but them going to love those for fashion and style.

Quality, comfort, well designed, durability and most importantly UPF 50+ rated sun protective hats is our key factors are kept for choosing best sun hat for baby boy.

#1. Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sombrero Hat

If you looking for classic style cool sun hat for your baby boy then Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sombrero Hat must be on the top of the list. It’s made of 100% nylon/polyester lightweight UPF 30 fabrics, imported from china. Foam stiffened brim is much wider and has external drawcords to adjust with chin and adjustable toggle closure. Mainly this sun hat is designed for summer comfort but can be wear for others season and for outings and travelling.

There are three sizes available of this sun hat, small, medium and large. Small can be use for below 3 years of old baby boy, medium size is for 3-6 years of age and large on is best suitable for 6-13 years of old boys. The sun hat is very elegant looking and nicely protects your baby from summer sun and brims of the hats much wider and does not blow with the wind.

This sun hat is superb cute and functional so you can go out with your baby wearing this several places like national park, zoo, at the beach or lake for fun trip. The best cool thing is that you (moms) can fits in large size of this cool sun hat, I will suggest to go wearing along with your little ones to make it so much fun.

Probably this is the best sun hat that you are looking for your boys, have 8 different colors to choose from so you don’t have to stick with just one color. The khaki and blue sun hats are very boyish looking but pink is much suitable for moms. The sun hat does not offer water proof facilities but still goods in rainy season too.


  • 8 Colors and stylish sun hat
  • Very comfortable
  • Nicely adjustable
  • Lightweight sun protector
  • Best sun hat for toddler boys
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect beach hat
  • Suitable for adults with small size head
  • Overall great hat for summer


  • None

What’s the opinion of real people Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sombrero Hat?

  • Perfect wide brim hat for kids
  • Great hat to keep kids sun-safe.
  • Great hat for my teen daughter to wear to camp
  • Really Great Kid Hat for the Water!
  • Full coverage for the beach and park!
  • It is perfect, I wear it in the garden everyday

Although this sun hat for boys but I have seen many adults love this on their outings and many moms are choose it for their girls too. Just too good sun hat that does suits everyone and pricing of this very economical. It’s our best sun hat for boys and lovely moms.

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#2. JAN & JUL Toddler Sun Hat, GRO-with-Me Adjustable Straps, 50+UPF Natural Cotton Protection

Woodland pattered designed, beautiful texture and very adjustable with chin and perfectly fits for your little baby. This sun hat specially designed for toddler’s boy. JAN & JUL Toddler Sun Hat, GRO-with-Me Adjustable Straps, 50+UPF Natural Cotton Protection offers fully adjustable drawstring closure that allows you size it multiple ways and use it for different seasons and conditions. Brim is wide that protects baby from direct sun rays.

Easy toggle adjustment and breakaway safety clip included which is used to clipped back in. This boy sun hat is easily foldable and can be put in pocket. There are 4 sizes available to choose from sizes may vary with ages like. Small size for 0 to 6 months old babies, medium size for 6 months to 24 month old babies, large size for 2 years to 5 years and finally xl sizes for 5 years to 12 years. One thing you should be aware of sizing is differ due to heads diameter. There are given certain diameter measurement on the product list before purchasing making sure it your baby fits perfectly.

The sun hat is really beautiful and very much functional. In summer it’s an obvious thing to have for your baby’s safety from sun light. Very lightweight and carrying is much easier even for your baby. It’s cute look will give some extra look that’s will help him to grow as a fashionable person.

If you want to go your vacation with family or distance travel or even on the market then double check it’s have on your backpack to make your clicks or selfie  much sweeter wearing this.

It’s very much machine washable and let it air dry. No extra care needed for this, just enjoy its perfect look and it will take care of your baby on summer in style.


  • Great quality
  • Pocket size comfortable sun hat
  • Very adjustable
  • 30 different colors and 4 sizes available
  • Adorable lightweight sun hat for boy
  • Perfect sun hat for beach
  • Washable
  • Very economical sun hat
  • Very functional and practical


  • Just remember to match your baby’s head size mentioned on the product page in order to avoid sizing issue.
  • None

What’s the opinion of real people JAN & JUL Boys 50+UPF Breathable Cotton Sun-Hat?

  • Brim is wide enough to protect baby’s face but doesn’t flop onto baby’s face like other hats
  • Best sun protection for infants
  • Just a little big but definitely cute!
  • Dark Color is still breathable and darling.
  • The ONLY hats that my kids will wear.
  • Best sun hat for baby boy we have found so far.

JAN & JUL Toddler Sun Hat, GRO-with-Me Adjustable Straps, 50+UPF Natural Cotton Protection are very simple made yet very cool sun hat for your child. If you are messed up seeing different sun hat then stop searching and just buy this for your baby. Pricing is not too much around 20 dollars or below. But it’s a superb cute and one of the best sun hat for your baby boy. Nothing fancies but yet a good choice.

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#3. Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat

Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat is brought some extra facilities to choose form. Sunday Afternoons manufacturer offers 8 size options that’s are small, medium, large, infants, baby, child and youths depending on the head diameter size and verities of colors around 23 colors and designs available. Price may vary along with size but still a good price range to choose from.

According to manufacturer they are the highest rated and best selling sun hat manufacturer. And they also suggested that this sun hat is baby stroller friendly, lightweight and used smart strap breakaway chinstrap technology.

It’s imported, made of 100% nylon or polyester, floatable foam core, moisture wicking and UPF 50+ resistant. And some of the variations offers water repellent sun hat also brim lengths are varies with size but its protection from sun remains unchanged for face and neck. It’s so much popular sun hat and almost every parents loves it for their child and even for them.

This sun hat has highest UPF 50+ achievement that means 1/50th of the UV’s are able to pass through the hat. That’s a cool thing to watch out for your baby and have plenty of fun in sun.

Although it’s on the baby boy sun section but it does has some exquisite color that suits only baby girl. In another way you can call it mixed sun hat for babies. Some moms are loved to wear this for themselves of course size does matter for adults. I think it’s very much suitable for medium sized head of adults.


  • Good UV protective sun hat
  • Imported
  • Very stylish and comfortable
  • Great coverage
  • Best selling sun hat
  • Suitable for camping, swimming, hiking
  • Best sun protection hat for baby


  • No ventilation for baby’s head
  • Sweaty

What’s the opinion of real people Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat?

  • Amazing sun hats for children!
  • Pricey but it is the BEST sun hat. And I’m from Australia so I should know!
  • Perfect sun hat for my pale six month old!
  • Amazing sun hats for children!
  • This is by far the best sun hat for baby and toddler on the market
  • Good quality, long-lasting and excellent outdoor hat

Outdoor adventure for toddlers might interrupt by others moms or kids and they might want to know where did you bought from, so you must have to familiar with Sunday Afternoons Company. It’s internationally shipped and quite a charming sun hat for baby boy.

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#4. UQ Kids Cute Stars Cotton Adjustable Baseball Hats Sun Visors

UQ Kids Cute Stars Cotton Adjustable Baseball Hats very much masculine; cotton combed, and soft, very much comfortable and provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Actually it’s like a cap; it is a cap because brim does only cover front side not round like Outdoor Research Kid’s Rambler Sombrero Hat or any other kid’s sun hat.

The sun hat is very much boyish and they loved to play with it and have fun with neighbor kids. Any season it fits for their outings, travel or simply like it for stroller. There only few color available around 4 color option but have 5 different sizes and altogether it’s a complete sun hat for baby boy.

Although it has 5 sizes but its best for over 3 months+ babies.

Very cute and very soft fabrics made and adjustable Velcro strap made it easily adjustable for little ones. If you have a grandchild then it’s a good thing to have for them. Every boy loves this awesome cap that just enough breathable and does not sweat in hot weather.


  • Cute baby hat
  • Nice quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Easily adjustable strap
  • Adjustable back
  • Low priced sun hat
  • Washable by hand
  • Best sun hat for infants


  • Peak is little bit loose
  • Don’t bleach

What’s the opinion of real people UQ Kids Cute Stars Cotton Adjustable Baseball Hats Sun Visors?

  • Adorable hat! Well made and super cute pattern
  • Fits perfect on my 4 Month old!!! I would buy again!
  • I like that the bill is larger to protect his face from the sun.
  • Order 1 size up; does have Velcro to fit to size.
  • This looks adorable sun hat on my 10 month old
  • Adorable and Top Quality little summer baseball hat

Previously we saw very cut sun hat that designed for boys but also suited for baby girl or even adults loves wear it. But this one specially for baby boy and have lot of room to grow. To know further more follow the link and read many user reviews before your purchase.

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Best Sun Hat For Baby Girl

We have reviewed those sun hats that usually lots of parents as well as girls want for them. All sun hats can be used for unisex newborn baby. But as they grow up older then some of the girlish color they love and love to wear. We kept those in mind and suggested top 4 Best sun hats for baby girl. These hats have many user reviews we carefully read them and select for baby girl. Most of the parents do love it for their daughter.

Any of these sun hat can be fits well and its pretty look makes little baby girl and toddlers are going proud of having this. All the products have multifunctional use like it can be wear in sun, at the pool, at the beach, or just playing in the sunny days.

#1. Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Hats

This sun hat specially designed for baby girls use, 100% nylon taslan made, excellent print and breathable sun protective hats for your little girl. It’s designed in sunny San Diego, California to protect your child from UV.

Its fabrics are rated UPF 50+ that indicates its very much safe in sun and no need any type of sun protection cream around face and neck those area covered by hat. Baby screen are well protected by this sun hat.

The brim is 3” wide for small hats but 3.5” for medium and larger hats, lightweight and very much adjustable chin strap.

It’s made of very nice fabrics and can be used as swimwear and out of the water. The fabrics are quick drying so you can have ultimate comfort at the beach, pool, vacation, and pretty much anywhere.

Hand wash recommended and air dry does not lose its shape and color. It’s completely reversible sun hat that will love your child. Overall it’s a stylish and sun protective hats for your baby girl.


  • Nice looking
  • Great quality and comfortable
  • Completely reversible
  • Wide brim
  • UPF 50+ sun protective hat
  • Girls best sun hat for summer
  • Best hat for kids
  • Best hat for the beach


  • Double check your size before purchase

What’s the opinion of real people Tuga Girls Reversible Bucket Hats?

  • Highly recommended, we’ve used this hat 2 years now for a 6-7 year old.
  • My daughter was ready for a bigger and more sturdy sunhat and this one works perfectly
  • Excellent craftsmanship and protection
  • Great for water play or just playing outside
  • Granddaughter loves it, keeps the sun away
  • Rim of hat doesn’t flap or fall – GREAT!

Very cute, great quality and nice reversible hats for a beach vacation and this is the best sun hat for baby girl according our ratings and reviews. Pricing is much cheaper and free shipment for the prime users.

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#2. i play. by green sprouts Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

i play. by green sprouts Baby & Toddler Brim Protection Hat is very popular brand famous for producing extraordinary sun hat that protects from ultra violate rays and stylish design. I play manufactures sun hat over 30 years pioneering safer materials for health and wellness. To support parents to ensure babies health well monitored and protected from sun naturally with ease.

It’s made of 100% polyester, 1” high, 6” wide brim, extra neck coverage, wicking liner and adjustable toggle closure for baby’s custom fit and safety. Very lightweight, quick drying for active play and so much more features like machine washable.

There are 8 different colors and 5 different sizes available to choose from. Pricing may vary with sizes but it’s really low priced and price fluctuation also lowest than other. Around 10 dollars but it’s very nice to wear and super comfortable for babies.

Sun hat offers 6” extra wide brim and neck protector helps baby to keep away from direct sun light and UPF 50+ sun protector fabrics does not allow UV to pass through the hat. It can be used from 3 month old babies to 10 years babies.

Very much breathable, comfortable and pretty nice looking sun hat will definitely loves your baby and so of you. Actually this sun hat best for babies for unisex but more suitable for baby girls for its color is mostly girls oriented.


  • Lightweight, comfortable and nice quality
  • Infant’s sun hat
  • Cute and adjustable
  • Protects face, eyes, neck and head
  • Good for pool use
  • Decent kids water play hat
  • Best sun hats for kiddos
  • Great beach hat for baby
  • Sun hat for newborn baby


  • Runs small but quite functional

What’s the opinion of real people i play. by green sprouts Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat?

  • Adjustable Toggle, Great Hat, Good Value
  • Fit my 3 week old daughter!
  • Must have infant hat to block the sun.
  • So many compliments on this super protective hat
  • Great sun hat for pool and beach. Ok for backpacking.
  • HIGHLY Recommend for infants/toddlers in the sun!!!
  • A little flimsy when wet, but great hat

I play sun hat is one of the best sun hats for babies, its works great even for newborn baby. For infants you can have it for baby boy or girl but as he/she grows up probably it’s for your baby girls. Find further more reviews and user experience that might help you to make a purchase decision.

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#3. RuffleButts Baby/Toddler Girls UPF 50+ Sun Protective Wide Brim Swimwear Sun Hat

This sun hat has rated as UPF 50+ sun protection that means this hat does protect from 98% above harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. It’s imported and made of 58% Polyester, 34% Nylon and 8% Spandex fabrics materials. Cute and adorable designed and has a round wide brim that’s make sure your baby girl is safe from sun. No more sunscreen on the face and neck use RuffleButts Little Girls UPF 50+ Sun Protective Wide Brim Seersucker Swim Hat instead.

Built in sun protection, easy to pack, quality designed and happiness guarantee is the main features of this. The sun hat is perfect for beach and pool and swimming proof. This can be reversible hat if you wish to but strap should be manually attached in that case but still a fashionable wearing.

There is no chin strap or head strap so it could fly away with wind. This little thing is very concern for this awesome product. I would suggest if you please add a head strap manually then roaming win beach will be super comfortable otherwise you have to chase the sun hat all over the beach. That’s not cool.

According to manufacturer wash it by hand air dry recommended for its extended use.


  • Imported and great quality
  • Cute and fashionable sun hat
  • Well made
  • Hand washable and air dry recommended
  • Girls fashion hat
  • Swimming proof
  • Great sun hat for baby girl
  • Easy to pack and go


  • No tie attached that’s the only drawbacks of this awesome looking sun hat.

What’s the opinion of real people RuffleButts Little Girls UPF 50+ Sun Protective Wide Brim Seersucker Swim Hat?

  • This hat is cute and matches the swimsuit.
  • Fits perfect will look great for our beach trip next month
  • Fit perfectly and she actually kept it on even though it didn’t have any strings to tie under her chin.
  • Runs small, but great hat!
  • Cute but doesn’t stay on in the wind

Overall it’s a decent sun hat that is too cute but no strap attached with it that does not sound it much for beach friendly. Although it’s very much swim friendly. If you want to use it for indoor or sun protection or even for fashion that’s cool. But no recommend for beach.

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#4. The Children’s Place Baby Girls Novelty Graphic Straw Hat

This sun hat for baby girl is relatively new arrival and unique than others baby girl sun hat. The main futures are pulling on closure that gives your girl a prince’s look. The hat is white in color and cat designed on front.

100% other fibers made, imported, machine washable, pull on closure and stylish look is the main focus of the hat. This is mainly designed for newborn baby to 1 years old baby girl. You will find two verities of them one is for 0 to 6 months and another is for 6 to 12 months old baby.

Pricing is so lower even you call lowest price sun hat over the market yet nice looking and functional. It’s perfect hat for newborn baby and suits for toddlers too.

If you are planning to gift your grand child or your baby girl it would be great gift item for you. Easy to put on and hand washing facilities with air dry.


  • Imported
  • Pull on closure
  • Stylish
  • Cute looking sun hat
  • Sun hat for newborn baby
  • Very low price
  • Whitish cat included
  • Good fitting sun hat


  • Single color

What’s the opinion of real people The Children’s Place Baby Girls Novelty Graphic Straw Hat?

  • Very new item that arrives only March, 2019 and best sun hat babies yet its best suits for baby girl.
  • Having very few but all are positive highly rated with 5 stars.

As far user my knowledge about the sun hat concern it’s going to be new sensation overtime but it’s a breaking period that parents are more interested with this pull on closure hat for baby girl. Hope you found in stock before its get out of stock. So hurry up!

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Sun Hat For Unisex

These sun hat is mixed sun hat, all of those have a lots of color variations and sizes so that girls or boys both can have it by choosing their color and head sizes.

Although every sun hat does not suits for adults but some of these has special features that adults love and wear them for too.

All the products we choose for your babies are durable, washable and somewhat longer lasting and pool proof, swimming proof and beach friendly. All of the sun hats are lightweight and easily packable for ready to go travel friendly.

#1. SwimZip Kid’s Sun Hat – Wide Brim UPF 50+ Protection Hat for Baby, Toddler, Kids

SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat is one of most popular hat brand for babies. It offers 9 colors option and four sizes ranges from newborn baby to 14 Years baby. This sun hat can be used for baby boy and for baby girl. Some of adults like moms also fond of it. Because its color and so much good quality.

It gives perfect coverage from sun and brim is strong enough so it just doesn’t go flip away with the wind blow. This sun hat is definitely recommended for your lovely baby. Green, aqua, Navy and oranges may suit best for boy and pink and yellow for girls. You can try it yourself what sun hat best for you. The sun hats made of UPF 50+ and SPF 50+ polyester that will protect you from 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

Brim of the hat is much wider and have breakaway chin strap and head strap in order to fits well and smoothly on your head. The hats are very much swimming friendly and floats on the water. Quick drying fabrics included so it’s dried up in jiffy. So its best sun hat for beach, lake or simply on wet weather.

It is very awesome and wonderful sun hat can truly grow up with your child. There is plenty of positive review available on the internet about this sun hat. Pretty much every parent loves this sun hat for their baby. It can be presented as baby gift too such a good quality and best buy sun hat.


  • Excellent quality
  • Nice looking
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Variety of color available
  • Easily adjustable with chin and head
  • Sun protection hat for baby
  • Perfect sun hat for kids and toddlers
  • Beach and pool approved
  • Very much travelling friendly
  • Beach and pool approved
  • Very much travelling friendly


  • None

What’s the opinion of real people SwimZip Unisex Child Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat UPF 50 Adjustable?

  • Well Designed Sun Hat for Surf or Sand
  • Great sun hat, especially for kids with a large head! Worth the price!
  • Nice coverage and love that it can be sized accordingly
  • It grows with the kid, avoiding the need for a new hat every year
  • Holds up well to every-day use and washing
  • Lots of shade for the little one, exactly what I looking for!!

This is one of the best sun hats for unisex babies and adults loves too. There are so many different uses available most amazing part of this it’s pretty durable and have long lasted color. In order to protect your baby from dangerous sun rays this is the best sun hat for you. It highest rated both UPF 50+ and SPF 50+ and ensures 98% of security and saves your kids skin from damaging.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#2. N’Ice Caps Kids Reversible Adjustable Cotton Twill Aussie Sun Protection Hat

As the description suggest it’s a reversible sun hat that give 2 in 1 sun hat and can be used for 3 sizes. Every hat has two different colors you just need to reverse it and becomes new hat. Chin strap and head strap also reversible through the 2 ply small twill air holes with elastic shoe string attached so don’t have worry about its functionality.

The brim is wide enough to cover your face and neck and stitched well and shoe string is much convenient to slide back and forth.

There are 9 colors option and 6 sizes available ranges from newborn baby to adults. Actually its mainly differs according to head size diameter so if you want buy this for you then don’t forget to matching your head sizes.

Both baby boy and girl love this sun hat by their choice. Its have nice a beautiful two colors. If you choose for you little baby boy or girl you should match up their head sizes and choose reversible two colors sun hat.

This sun hat is great for kid’s outdoor activity and for travelling. Brim sizes around 2” and it’s well enough to protect you and your child from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. It can be used for beach or simply for regular activity.


  • Cute
  • Great quality and well designed
  • Lightweight sun hat
  • Two color in a single hat
  • Nicely adjustable
  • Perfect sun hat for active kids
  • Good sun hat for big head
  • Toddler approved
  • Great for summer camp hat
  • Good for beach trip
  • Versatile sun hat


  • Strap is little bit messy

What’s the opinion of real people N’Ice Caps Kids Reversible Adjustable Cotton Twill Aussie Sun Protection Hat?

  • Love that it’s made of cotton because my son’s head sweats a lot and this hat is much cooler than polyester ones.
  • Would buy again, really like it.
  • Comfortable headwear
  • Good quality hat but the string for under the chin is not good.
  • Very pleased and very good summer sun hat.
  • This hat is great for my toddler
  • Cute for the price and solid sun-blocking hat

This sun hat has too much use but I would suggest that when it comes to purchasing then buy little bit higher in size to avoid future adjustment. Why? Look the hat is made of cotton so it’s most likely to squeeze a bit with time so it’s better to avoid it from the beginning. Otherwise this sun hat is kids approved, teen and adults approved too.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#3. My Swim Baby Sun Hat

Like other two sun hat for babies My swim baby sun hat is also have UPF 50+ rated that ensures 98% harmful UV does not pass through the hat. It’s made of 100% polyester, imported; reversible designed and Coordinates well with my swim baby diapers.

Its nice looking designed, one side is well patterned and reversed design is absolutely solid color. But it’s nice to that gives another look of the hat. Usually this is offers 3 sizes small for 0 to 6 months, medium for 6 months to 18 months and large for 18 months to 36 months ages of the babies but it also offers a size called x-small for babies.

This cut sun hat mainly for unisex newborn babies to toddlers.  There is lot of color option (over 20+) available also custom hat possible if you can convince the manufacturer. Good for beach and very much swim friendly and a good protective wear for summer.

The hat reversible function also great option, head strap and breakaway chin strap reversible through the small air hole. The hat durable and last long if you wish to use it for long time.

Pricing varies with sizes but relatively lower price and machine washable this hat can be used for in summer, outings, travel, kids play, at the beach, swimming and above all it can be used for all the seasons around. Versatile this sun hat has lots of positive review and a great product for the price.


  • Imported and adorable
  • Cute and stylish
  • Quite breathable
  • Easy to co-ordinate
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Reversible sun hat
  • Well adjustable sun hat for babies
  • Great hat for swimming
  • Kids and toddler approved
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect sun hat for beach
  • Best sun hat for babies


  • No complaints

What’s the opinion of real people My Swim Baby Sun Hat?

  • Great coverage, quality and color looks great with anything.
  • Super cute and comfy sun hat for little baby.
  • Great hat for the price
  • Love how it covers his neck too
  • Great quality, cute designs, totally reversible
  • Fits and works well and perfect hat for spring and summer

You are going to love this awesome UV protector sun hat for babies, cute looking and very adorable sun hat that will grow up your baby with. Keep in mind sizing may be a factor so before purchasing make sure head size fits with it.

Sunday Afternoons Kids Play Hat

All You Need To Know When Choosing the best sun hat for baby

There are lots of things mind in order purchase a product over online or even from the market. We have recommended some of the valued sun hats for your babies. Let’s see what we had our mind to choose it for you it’s also important so for you too.

Sun protective or not

As our main purpose to have a sun hat for babies to protect them from harmful UVA and UVB rays of sun like safety doors to pass through. So we considered only UPF 50 + rated sun protective hats that’s allows 98% pass through protection. It’s obvious and double check that’s your desired hat is UPF 50+ , SPF 50+  rated or not. If not; then not worthy to buy it at least for summer.

Quality and Design

Quality is the vital for every product that you want to purchase. We have reviewed and recommended some of these awesome and nice quality sun hats. Design does not matter at all because it’s actually varies from men to men choice. Choose it accordingly for your little babies and toddlers. All products have nice look in different way.

Comfort and durability

We buy sun hat to get comfort from sun, so it’s a must watch thing for your babies. At first hand you are not going to judge it but read some user reviews that will definitely help you to find out the best sun hat for your baby.

As far durability concerns, we have cover it all those sun hat can be used for 3 or 4 years at maximum. Definitely you won’t have to buy every season or every year. Just let your baby to play with it and see how long they can keep.


All the sun hats for babies are relatively lower in price. Actually price fluctuates with size and manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually 10 to 25 dollars is the average price of sun hats babies. It’s pretty good price range and affordable too.

User experience

This section we intentionally use for making a purchase decision smoother and betterment of your understanding about the real users of it. If it helps a little bit then we will be so grateful to you. You should check it up before making a purchase decision and we made it simpler for you.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Do babies need sun hats?

Answer: Direct sun rays are very harmful for baby skin and lots of risk involved due to sunburn while you taking newborn kids to outside to roaming or strolling or even go out for vacations. It adds extra protection the face, neck and ears as well as protects from direct sun heat. Good protection as well as stylish cute looks as bonus, win win situations for you.

2. Are hats good for newborns?

Answer: Sun hat usually helps to everyone but for child it’s a necessity to outdoors; in order to keep their body temperature regulated. It does give shade from sun, keep cool in warm weather, and very important is that it protects them from ultraviolet rays.

3. Sun hat for babies really does UV protection?

Answer: Yes, it does protect from UVA, UVB rays that emerges from sun light, some of the hats have ASTM, JPMA standard certificates for that. You can rely on that peacefully.

4. Should babies sleep with a hat on?

Answer: It’s not good practice because its leads to baby over heat and increase the risk of SIDS, once he fall asleep then put it from their heads but you can keep it on while baby sleep on stroller seat, car seat wearing sun hat. Stroller and car seat has special recline system that does not bother them at all but for safety it’s not good while baby is sleeping.

Final Verdict

To protect our cute babies from sun naturally sun hat for babies does a great role. It’s made them pretty, stylish and cool when they wear it. It helps to protects from sun rays, helps to swimming or roaming at the beach. Thanks to its strapping features that comes to handy when a wind comes.

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