Best Baby Swings Of 2020 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A baby swing serves the purpose of helping parents to soothe their baby without necessarily having to strain. Traditionally, parents had to cradle their babies on their arms and swing them back and forth. This can be tiring and frustrating. All parents have a reason to rejoice now thanks to the invention of a baby swing as you can now soothe your baby while making every moment fun.

The market offers several baby swings. They come with different features and their specifications vary. It can therefore, be a challenge to shop for the best baby swing. The key is to address your key objectives before settling for one. It is evident that every baby swing aims at delivering on comfort while ensuring they soothe your baby. However, they also come with additional features that serve additional purposes.

Looking at what the market has to offer, there are different brands and models you can choose from but you must be careful not to depend on hype before you spend your hard-earned money. It is best that you understand what they have to offer, as this will help you settle for the best baby swing that will meet your needs, wants, and preferences.

Despite the presence of several baby swings in the market, the following have gained popularity amongst consumers and for good reason too. They vary in their features so you can definitely identify the best baby swing for you and your baby.

1. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Butterfly Garden

This baby swing delivers on functionality as well as durability and safety. As a product from Fisher, it has gained popularity as one of the best baby swings. Its benefits arise from its key features. It can hold a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds. 

In an effort to ensure that your baby is comfortable, it is made of fabric material that retains sufficient warmth. The cushioning is sufficient to ensure that your baby feels comfortable so the soothing process is efficient. It can also rotate in either way, back, front, or sideways.


The frames of this baby swing are strong and durable. In addition, the cushioning is adequate to ensure that even when it is in motion, your baby cannot get hurt from the frames. It also encloses your baby so he does not slide off.


It is easily portable so you can have it close to you in any room. In addition, its design is compact thus boosting its overall appearance. The color combination is captivating to give your baby some excitement.


  • It is engaging
  • It is strong and durable
  • It only requires easy maintenance
  • It is easy and fast to assemble and easy to fold when not in us
  • The color combination and theme are great to capture baby’s attention


  • It only has a weight capacity of 25 pounds so it will not serve for heavier babies in the long-term

2. Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing

This baby swing also delivers on durability as well as functionality. Its key features ensure that your baby is safe as well as comfortable.

This baby swing delivers on functionality as it can swing in two motions. Choose between side-by-side or head to toe motion. You can alter the swing speed within its 6 speeds. In addition to soothing your baby, you can also activate any of the 16 songs or the soothing nature sounds.


In an effort to deliver on comfort, it can recline in two positions with the ability to adjust the seat in three positions depending on where you want your baby to face. The material used is also soft and snuggly to ensure it soothes your baby.


This product is designed to deliver on durability. It is strong to ensure that it always holds your baby so you do not have the fear of dropping him or her. Always ensure you watch the weight limit. The frame is also strong to remain stability when in use


  • It is strong and durable
  • They are great for napping and for colds
  • They have compact design that makes it easily portable
  • It is soft and comfortable so your baby can even sleep in it
  • It boosts flexibility so you can choose to operate it from a power source r from through batteries


  • The swing shuts off after 4 hours but this is not so much of a problem for many as the baby will probably be aslee

3. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Those looking for a strong, durable, and stable baby swing will love this model. Its dimensions also allow you to fit it in any room of the house so your baby is close to you. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 30 pounds.

This bay swing makes it easy to deliver on comfort since it features a deep, plush seat that comes with a removable head support. Depending on the position you need, you can make the necessary adjustment

In reference to safety, it comes with safety belts that ensure your baby remains in position even when it is in motion. In this, you do not have to worry about playful/ active babies.

The key purpose of a baby swing is to sooth your baby. This baby swing allows for side-to-side swaying option to soothe your baby. Simply plug it in and it is ready for use.


  • It is comfortable with a removable head support
  • It offers 2-speed vibration to boost relaxation
  • It comes with toys for entertainment and visual stimulation
  • Simply plug it in for power though you can also power it with a pair of batteries making it diverse


  • It is limiting as it can only swing side-to-side

4. Graco Glider Lite LX Gliding Swing, Zuba

If you are looking for a baby swing for your smaller baby, this is the ideal baby swing with a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds. Its compact design makes it strong and it ensures stability.

Designed to serve very young infants, it has a frame that stands on all fours so it remains firm on the ground with rubberized feet. You can strap in your baby for safety.

This swing is gentle to resemble the care given when your baby is small and fragile. It has 6 gliding speeds to ensure you work with the right pace depending on your baby’s agitation. The frame is lightweight so you can easily move it to where you can monitor your baby.

The seat is designed to deliver on comfort by providing sufficient space. In addition, it is made from soft fabric and plush head support to ensure that your baby is comfortable.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Strap in your baby for safety
  • It has a spacious seat allowing for movement
  • It is comfortable with a soft fabric and plush head support
  • It I easily portable thanks to its strong but lightweight frame
  • It boosts stability with its rubberized feet and a four-corner stand position


  • It is not designed for newborns or heavier babies making it a little limiting

5. Bright Starts Itsy Bitsy Jungle Portable Swing, Grey

This is an ideal baby swing for newborn babies and it can hold up to 19.8 pounds of weight. It will keep your baby engaged and busy while at the same time soothing him or her.

In an effort to ensure it keeps your baby calm and relaxed, it comes with 6 speeds for you to choose from. The speeds are adjustable as your baby grows so you can meet differing expectations with age

It features a recline seat which makes it comfortable depending on what you want. It can recline in two positions. It also features bright taggies tags that keep your baby busy and entertained when he or she is not asleep

Comfortably strap your baby in position for safety. In addition, you will not have to worry about the swing tripping over thanks to its rubberized feet that ensure it remains stable on the ground.


  • It is stable and safe for use even with newborns
  • It is easily portable thanks to its smaller dimensions
  • It comfortable and warm for babies
  • It is entertaining and engaging
  • It is easily adjustable between speeds


  • It cannot hold heavier babies of more than 19 pounds

6. Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing

This baby swing is designed to meet the needs of parents with older babies. It is recommended for use for kids who are between the ages of 9 months and 3 years.

You can easily place your baby in position or remove him or her thanks to its wide seat and leg openings. In addition, it will easily adjust to an already existing swig set to help meet its functionality. Older babies are heavier and this swing meets this challenge with the inclusion of heavy-duty hardware. You can place it outdoors without the fear of damages thanks to its weather resistant rope.

The ropes are strategically placed to ensure that your baby can hold on to something for support thus ensuring comfort when in use. There is also back support to further boost comfort.

In an effort to boost stability and safety, this baby swing comes with an adjustable seat belt so your baby remains securely in position.


  • It is strong and durable with heavy-duty hardware
  • It has a weather-resistant rope that you can use indoors and outdoors
  • The seating allowance is spacious
  • It has a high back to provide extra support
  • The seat belt is adjustable to allow you raise a growing baby


  • Do not use it with kids who cannot sit up yet

7. 4moms, mamaRoo, Baby Swing, Grey Classic

This baby swing is one of the greatest swings when referring to stability as the base is spread out so you do not have to worry about tipping over. It has a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds.

With a wide base, this swing remains stable on the ground so you do not have to worry that any slight movement will topple it over. In addition, you can strap your baby in position to ensure they do not fall over.

With the advancement in technology, this swing not only swings in 5 different motions it is also Bluetooth enabled that will help you control the motion and sound even from a distance. It is made of machine washable polyester fabric for easy maintenance. Its LCD display makes it easy to operate.

It features an adjustable seat recline that ensures comfort because you can lie you baby depending on the situation. For example, you can change it to suit a sleeping position.


  • It is easily portable
  • It is comfortable and very stable
  • It is very easy to operate with an LCD display
  • It is easy to maintain and care for with a machine washable fabric


  • It is recommended that you purchase a head support especially for new born babies

8. Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing 1-Pack (Turquoise)

This Step2 product is the next in line for children after they have become experts with baby jumpers. To be able to use this swing, toddlers should have mastered their overall balance and coordination. According to the CDC, toddler age begins as soon as a child turns a year old.

On average, many babies are able to walk around this time, if not trying to walk at least. The use of baby jumpers helps in this development tremendously, as jumpers help to strengthen infant leg muscles.

This swing is weather-resistant, so it can hang on any sturdy outdoor installation. The seat itself is very comfortable and easy to clean, and it provides a safety harness that is guaranteed to keep toddlers in place. 

Weather-resistant ropes suspend the seat as well, so the integrity of the swing cannot be compromised even through rain or shine. Toddlers will have tons of safe fun with this swing, fostering creative play and imagination.


  • Enhance baby’s toddler's gross motor skills
  • Secure and comfortable swing seat
  • Swing seat can be wiped clean easily
  • Can be fits in backyard or even tree


  • Adult should check the rope before using by your little one

All You Need To Know When Choosing the Best Baby Swings


Nothing is as important as safety when looking to buy any baby device. This is no different when it comes to buying a baby swing. This is more so due to the movement. In an effort to boost safety, ensure that your swing has safety belts and a stable base. To meet this objective:

 Look for a wide base

 Ensure you have the ability to control speeds

 A harness is an important addition to protect your baby

 Work with adjustable safety/seat belts work with rubberized feet to ensure it does not topple over

Ease of use

You do not want a baby swing that you do not understand to use. When a baby is throwing tantrums, you need something that will quickly meet your objective. To meet this

 Power options: It is easier to work with as all you have to do is turn the switch

 Display setting: A display setting makes it easy to operate

Quality and comfort

Never compromise on the quality and comfort of your baby swing to ensure it meets its purpose. Remember, you are aiming at soothing and relaxing your baby. To ensure this is possible:

 Consider one with a head support

 Look for adequate cushioning

 Ensure the material is warm and cozy

 Ensure your frame is strong and of durable material


This refers to its ability to soothe your baby. In this, there are considerations to look at when choosing your baby swing. The factors below will help you to identify one of the best baby swings, as they will help you use it as your baby grows.

 Look for variable speeds

 Look for recline seats

Other Considerations

While the above considerations are not to be compromised, other considerations should be addressed. These will include:

 Weight capacity so as to ensure it works to hold your baby

 Entertainment is important for older babies so you can get one with toys.

 Convertibility with some swings allowing you to change it to a stand-alone bouncer seat to accommodate your baby as they grow

Final Verdict

Baby swings are an essential piece of equipment for every parent. While you can use your arms to soothe your baby, it can be tiring and time consuming. With the best baby swing to meet your needs and specifications, your swing will soothe your baby while at the same time offering added advantages such as entertainment. We agree that babies needs to be close to their parents. However, a baby swing will offer an extra hand to keep your baby cool and relaxed. You can now enjoy staying home alone and getting more work done while ensuring that your baby is calm. Invest in the best baby swing to meet these objectives.


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