10 Best Stroller Fan for Baby to Protect Them from Hot Summer

Sweating is common in hot sunny days, but have you ever go out with your little kids to visit neighbourhood with stroller in those days? How is baby react? I can say not comfortable situation you ever had.

To solve this issue and for better strolling experience for infants and toddlers in those hot weather, stroller fan is introduced. It will change your baby’s and your summer days into a cool breezy day forever. In this article we have listed and picked 10 best stroller fans for your baby that you might fall love with.

What is stroller fan? Why we should use fan for stroller?

Stroller fan is an extended accessory for to supply cool air for the child while they are having a good time in baby stroller. It’s a life saver for hot sunny days. It does not come along with baby stroller but its fits perfectly with any type of baby stroller like umbrella stroller, jogging stroller, double stroller, travel system stroller, or even for three wheeler stroller etc having clip on functionality.

Baby stroller fans are very lightweight and single hand held (about 200/300 gram weight), it can be put in the moms bags while they have to go out and very much useful for strolling in the summer.

There are lots of varieties use of stroller fan likes it can be used as a desk fan, clipped to kitchen, clipped to laptop, on desktop, on treadmill, stationary bike, place on the bed, some of fan can be even hang around the neck to get continuous breeze while walking in the road. It can use for infants, kids or even for adults too depending on the demand.

Plastics made this little beast works great specially for new walker baby and toddlers. It’s a good solution blow away hot weather to cool and to have seamless fun in Disney land, for beach vacation, or lakeside camping and many more use of this cute little toys.

Almost all the stroller fans are battery powered as well as can be use with power bank or directly connecting with adapter. Along with good use it requires finding special one that suits your demand, like you are love to travel and have future vacations plans that you required many hours service from it, so you have to precise while you are buying it. We have covered according your demand our top picks are very good for 4 hours to 48 hours serviced battery powered stroller fan.

10 Best Stroller Fan For Baby Reviews

To ensure strolling your baby cool in the hot weather we have reviewed 10 best stroller fans that are most popular and cost effective as well as helps cool you stay cool in the summer whenever you need it.

We have done all the pre-works for you like clipped on, safer casing and blade as well as highly rated more than thousands of valued users. You just need find and pick the best suitable fan for your kid’s stroller and check it while it arrives at your home.

#1. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Stroller Fan, Portable Mini Desk Fan Rechargeable

Clip on fan is very essential accessories add on for the baby stroller. It keeps baby cool and calm in hot and sunny weather. Skygenius offers high quality motor, top quality but thoroughly available batteries oriented original, fashionable, powerful and unique design potable battery clip fan. Batteries are replaceable and usb rechargeable 2600mAh 18650 battery which runs up to 2.5~6 hours depending on the working time and speed.The fan is very lightweight, max wind speed 10.5ft/s but make very little noise, handy for 360° rotation, horizontal and vertical rotation too. Very much portable and can be put or clip on anywhere you want like great for baby stroller, home and office, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips and anywhere need cool wind. Moreover its gives stepless speed regulation and great fits on music stand.

The batteries are 18650 Li-ion qualities that are commonly available at your adjacent store or can be bought from amazon. There is charging indicator light included to the fan, turn off when it’s fully charged. One thing you should keep in mind though it’s only one speed operational while it’s charging other than that it’s a best stroller fan for multi dimensional use.


  • Small and portable
  • Durable and high quality
  • Strong clamp & High versatility
  • Replaceable and rechargeable batteries
  • Stroller fan with usb charger
  • Clip on style
  • 360 degree rotational fan
  • Low noise and safe for children
  • Batteries life 4.5 hours avg.
  • Great for travelling like Disney land.


  • One speed operation while charging

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Fantastic for babies!!! Can i really be THIS excited about a fan? Yes. Yes i can
  • An absolute must for baby strollers during summer. Just what I was looking for.
  • Like Leonardo DiCaprio HOT. Huge breeze at a small price
  • Great for cooling off after my lunch-time workout, Lifesaver this summer!
  • Really the best, powerful and perfect stroller fan for Florida’s summer. My baby will never feel uncomfortable!
  • Small, quiet, clean, very good price – personal cooling done right, HIGHLY recommend! We love these fans!

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#2. Stroller Fan Clip On Desk Fan 4400mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated USB Portable Personal Fan for Baby Stroller

It’s always a plus point if fan gives more service in summer. YXwin 2019 Newest Table fan provides maximum 40 hours of cooling service once fully charged. 4400mah (2*18650) batteries made it easy of course it depends on rotational speed at maximum speed it lasts lesser than 40 hours. Other facilities like it’s not noisy at all, well portable, easy to clip on and off, and 360 degree rotation for horizontal and vertical functions included.It especially offer a narrow gap backside of the fan called sponge hole that contains two sponges that allow you to keep ice, cold water, aroma, or oil for your instant refreshment while you tired of being so hot. You can use it for mosquito repellent in order to protect your child from mosquito. But hole design are perfectly safe for little baby to get any injury. For mom it’s easy to change the sponge functionality.

The stroller fan is usb chargeable by different power source like computers, laptop, power banks, USB chargers, AC adapter and so on. It can be work with minimum wind(1500rpm), 4.5 hours on maximum wind (3800rpm) respectively.

Usage of this stroller fan is multi dimensional, it can be clipped on to stroller while you travelling to Disney land, suitable for various places, great for office desk, car backseat, bicycle, camping tent, home, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising, outdoors/indoors activities, also an idea gift for friends, colleague and family trip and many more. With lots of exciting features it comes with 2 years of warranty.


  • YXwin 2 in 1 Desk & Clip USB Fan
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe for children
  • 360 degree rotation enabled
  • Extra sponge feature to add some ice or aroma
  • Wind speed control
  • Built-in noise reduction motor
  • Can be used as a portable power bank to power mobile phones
  • Working Time 4.5~40 Hours depending on wind speed
  • Great product for the price
  • 2 years of warranty from purchase date
  • Best stroller fan for kids and for adults too.


  • If you are not using it for long time please remove batteries to get extended life for batteries.
  • It requires charging the batteries in 1-2 months (if not using), otherwise batteries might lost its recharge ability

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Mini fan but strong-no noisy, Works great for the car for a baby.
  • Pushes a good amount of air & the battery life is amazing, perfect for Disney World in August!
  • Dual battery setup allows for extended fan life. This fan last at least a whole night at a medium to low setting.
  • Stronger than it looks, quality Fan!!! You won’t be disappointed!
  • Easy to maneuver, light and quiet cool in a compact fan!
  • A powerful and very versatile fan; Best stroller fan ever!
  • High powered fan to cool the baby, great, portable stroller fan with a strong wind blow.

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#3. Dream baby Stroller Fan – Best Portable

Dream baby stroller fan offers very unique design; there is no casing for fan but has nicely soft open fins made of foams blades so no need to worry if kids going to touch it, it’s safer for them. Neck is very flexible can be adjusted to the right angle to ensure baby gets a breeze. You may want to hook one to the stroller to keep baby cool. It’s totally portable and perfect for beach, pool, picnics and parks.Open fins might be looking uglier but it’s very much worthy to have good amount of air for baby. It fits almost all baby stroller or baby playpens. And can be clipped on for many other everyday’s purpose nearly anything including strollers, bassinets, play pens, picnic bench, lawn chairs, beach chairs, treadmills, elliptical, and many more! Yet, best stroller fan for babies.

Dreambaby offers 11 nice looking colourful designs for your service. This stroller fan requires 2xAA batteries that’s not included with this fan that puts out a great amount of wind to keep your little one cool without it being too much wind to annoy them. Excellent quality fan and very much durable. There is no issue about this but if your baby are too much naughty then he could be torn apart (usually requires lot of powers to torn). You can carry it anywhere you want go, the best portable breeze solution for you.


  • Quality product
  • Durable
  • Cute design
  • Battery powered fan
  • Safe foam blades included
  • Convenient, works well
  • Works great for kitchen
  • Must have for summer flights
  • Life Saver at Disneyworld
  • Best clipped on portable stroller fan


  • Requires to buy batteries

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Efficient and safe for little ones. Durable and remarkably powerful.
  • The stroller fan put out a nice breeze for their size. It’s pretty useful for visiting the zoo, Disney, and Legoland.
  • This fan works pretty well to get us through hot outdoor summer activities.
  • Great fan for car seat or stroller on hot days, would buy again.
  • Probably the best stroller fan ever! We took this fan with us to Orlando for our trip to Disney and Sea World. They were awesome!
  • A must for summer babies, it keeps my daughter super cool on our hot walks.

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#4. BLUBOON Clip on Fan Battery Operated Speed Adjustable Portable Mini Stroller Fan – Best Mini Desk Fan

This is yet another best mini desk fan, highly durable, 5 inch small rechargeable baby stroller fan. Its mainly batteries powered and can be obtain low to high breeze speed by speed slider but it also works on direct 5V power source; there is one wind speed. Its clipped on facilities allows it to clip on different things like baby stroller, car seat, treadmill, a table, desk or chair even in the kitchen.It comes equipped with an easy-to-open clamp with rubber grips that can be placed virtually anywhere without scratching the surface, noise so minimal and gives 360 degree airflow. It could be a perfect cooling solution for summer very much portable, lightweight and suitable for bedroom, home, office, kitchen, gym, golf, game, dorm, train, bike, trip, camping, walking, studying in the school, working or sleeping, or at the beach any where you place, it works.

Actually this best mini fan comes along with rechargeable batteries of 2200mAh and an usb cord; can run 2.5 to 6 hours varies depending on the airflow speed. Maximum speed give minimum duration of airflow, it’s always a good practice to have a power bank while you go out for long time like travel to Disney land or away from home. It has a room for adding other batteries that will give you extended cooling service.


  • Sturdy and quality product
  • Portable mini desk fan
  • Keeps baby cool and comfortable
  • 5 inch small rechargeable baby stroller fan
  • Clip on fan and desk fan in one
  • Grill is small so baby cannot put fingers in it (for baby’s safety)
  • USB charging and battery operated fan
  • Customizable fan speed dial with a powerful motor
  • Can be operate with direct power source
  • It opens about two inches wide and convenient to maintain or replace batteries
  • Great gift for new moms!


  • Please remove the battery if you are not using it for long time it will extend your battery life.

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Best little battery fan! Best buy for my baby! Great item. Wonderful customer service.
  • The battery lasted about 4 hours on full blast. I bought extra batteries to switch them out for our trip to Disney.
  • Southern Summer Savoir! We clip it to her stroller, patio furniture, set it next to her on a blanket…this fan is the only reason we’ve been able to be outside with her this summer.
  • Great velocity and battery life! LOVE IT. Using at Disneyland right now. I keep getting stopped by parents asking where I got it.
  • This works way better than I had imagined, paired with a power bank for limitless chill.
  • Very convenient, lasts long, and actually has a good breeze. Great stroller fan for Disney World!

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#5. Cool On The Go! Personal Clip On Fan with LED Lights – Versatile Hands-Free Personal Cooling Device

Cool On Go personal clip fan one of rarest small clip fan, I meant rare because it can be place on neck, adjust with waist that much small but effective cooling fan for the summer. It literally suits for everybody from little baby’s to adults. Like others fan it’s also battery operated and can be charged with power 7.5 V at max. Best fan to company you while you are going outside anywhere from home in the summer hot.

It comes with 4ft usb cable and 4 AA alkaline batteries, these are rechargeable and replaceable. It can be very sweetly placed on baby stroller canopy, on laptop type small spaced place. Battery life is much higher than usual; it can be operate with 5 hours for high speed and 8 hours for average speed and can be charge with any kind of power usb source like laptop, computer, power bank etc.

This fan specially design for theme parks, the game, playing sports, camping or hiking, at the beach or by the Pool, Hot Flashes, at work, BBQ & picnics and adjusted to clipped on with any small gadget like baby stroller, on desk even works great on neck and waist too. As it name suggests it’s the best fan for personal use


  • Cute, sturdy and portable
  • Versatile hands free fan
  • Easily stands on a table top
  • Baby hands-proof and baby safe
  • 4 AA Alkaline rechargeable batteries
  • Operates 5-8 hours
  • Lanyard, Armband and USB Cable included
  • Suitable for any ages
  • Best baby stroller fan bed bath and beyond
  • Great for hot summer road trips
  • Best cool on the go clip on fan
  • Works like a pocket fan


  • Good fan, bad movement

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Love It So Far! Side Note: Not Functional Without Batteries!
  • Will work for so many things but we got it for our stroller. I like that there are no blades for baby to grab
  • Great Product! Fan actually works great for strollers. Love this thing!
  • Versatile personal fan but in practical; fan that cools you and fits in your pocket
  • Was looking for a portable fan of good quality and after seeing what was offered online this one is so far so good.
  • Great for indoor shooting range but this came in very useful when my family and I went to Hawaii.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#6. Anglink Clip on Fan for Stroller, Rechargeable Battery Mini Desk Fan

The AngLink clip on fan has powerful motors that gives huge wind blow relatively very high for mini fan, it wind speed up to 100 ft/sec and it upgraded its battery features to 5000mAh that runs for 30 hours before its get completely drains. Opening angle also wide (56mm) that’s large and it’s very much suitable for lightweight stroller, umbrella stroller, baby jogger, also suits for home, office, even on a car. Batteries can be replaced and can be charged with usb cable comes along with it from any power source.There are some specialties including this stroller fan is super silent that does not make any noise at all, 360 degree rotation with 4 gears allow you to get maximum airflow adjustable to you. Fan casing is also so small that will not allow your baby’s finger to push on fans blade so baby’s going to be okay with it. Anglink fan so much durable and handy, its backside also can be removed for cleaning.

Although its can be clipped for anything like stroller, Include office, dorm, camping, kitchen but it’s not that much easy to carry because it’s relatively large than usual stroller fan, but still doing it purpose. Its best for those parents whom often visits different places or best stroller fan whenever comes visiting Disney land or for beach.

As it serves for 30 hours long so its requires long recharging time as long as 12 hours, it’s may be the only drawbacks but if you have alternative batteries then you can have it for unlimited time serve for you.


  • Quality and High durability
  • Portable, versatile, easy to use
  • Adjustable powerful airflow
  • Larger opening clips
  • Clip on anything
  • Super-low noise (≤20dB) stroller fan
  • 2019 Upgraded Battery Capacity (super battery)
  • Works up to 30 hours
  • Detachable cleaning
  • Hand held, clamp able and Can be placed on the table
  • Designed for cooling personal space
  • Best stroller fan for baby that gives longer breeze time
  • Highly protective; baby’s fingers cannot reach on the blades
  • Energy saving and environmental protection


  • Requires 12 hours for charging

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Strong breeze, Durable, EXCELLENT battery life, perfect for strollers/lawn chairs/etc.
  • The clip is big and sturdy and it holds really well, that’s why I am a fan about this fan!
  • Desk Fan, Portable Fan, Mini Fan you can name it anything but this is the best buy I ever got it.. It’s awesome, cute and definitely works better then a big fan. I loved how cute it is.
  • This little guy became my best friend during and after Hurricane Irma, So glad I found this particular one!!!
  • Quite, lightweight, long battery, good clip & base, multi speed, best stroller fan ever.
  • Great fan; must have for summer, good for the price. Great Customer Service and Warranty.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#7. Elechomes EH101 Rechargeable Operated Clip on Mini Desk USB Fan for Home Office Baby Stroller Car Laptop Study Table

Elechomes clip on stroller fan is another alternative best stroller air conditioner for multifunctional use. It’s so much convenient, works as stroller fan as well as little desk fan. It can clip on anything yet stand still while use as desk use. It can be rotate 360 degree vertically for optimal wind flow, very adjustable stepless includes that works via turning gear. Everywhere you go it could be a summer partner for you and your cute baby.It comes with rechargeable and replaceable 2200mah 18650 type batteries that could be use either ways like only with usb power linking to power bank or 5V DC line or with the battery.

It very strong & sturdy grip clamp keeps this fan firmly in place, endures repeated operation without break. It can be used for many different uses like desk USB fan, for home office, baby stroller, on car, laptop, on study table, at the Gym, summer camping, summer tent, in the kitchen anywhere you want; it works fine.

2 to 6 hours of working without a break depends on airflow speed. It requires only .5 to 2 hours of charging by AC current, there is a charging indicator included with it that lights up green while charging and light shuts down while charging finished. Overall it’s a very nice and sturdy stronger stroller fan for long time use.


  • Quality and sturdy product
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Portable and durable and mini clip on fan
  • Easy to carry, easy to clip on/off
  • USB powered or battery powered
  • 59 inch long cable for charging or USB power supply
  • 360 degree rotation and 3 wind adjustment
  • Battery life mid levels (3 to 6 hours)
  • Great for clipping onto a treadmill
  • Decent stroller fan for infants in summer
  • Good customer service and warranty included
  • Alternatives of best stroller clip on fan


  • Not any complaints (customer service is great if you any issues contact them they will replace it so not worry a bit)

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • Great fan and for versatile situations, I use it on my treadmill, and its perfect!
  • Battery was DOA and will not charge; Replacement unit received and all working OK now. This little fan is awesome!!
  • It truly is amazing how much air this little guy can produce, Good, adjustable speed little fan with strong clip.
  • Great fan, even better customer service! Love this!! Definitely recommend. Perfect for stroller!!
  • Best small fan, definitely will not disappoint you! Loved this little fan and its versatilities.
  • Good product. Very simple and easy to use, fan works best when plugged in. Cool little stroller fan with some excellent features.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#8. Treva 5 Inch Battery Powered Clip on Fan

This is another alternative of the best stroller fan for multipurpose use, very lightweight with 2 speed controls, built in convenient clip system, battery as well as 5V DC usb fan. Treva 5 fan gives up to 14 hours of duty as because it has room for 4-AA batteries (not included with the package). It’s recommended that for long stability and extended service always use fresh alkaline batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries.Standard and well material constructed fan with small casing hole that prevents to reach out baby finger on to the fan blades, so safe for little baby. Can operate directly plugging on the 5V DC line via laptop, computers or via mobile adapter. If you don’t have power source or electricity don’t worries there is a rooms for battery it will give you continuous breeze!

It’s perfectly okay for long and short distance travelling or jogging or amusement park visiting with it, you and your baby going to love this awesome and best stroller fan for toddlers. Just like other clip able stroller fan it can be use for anywhere, with stroller it’s a primary choice but it’s a very good and convenient for state rooms on cruise ships.

Besides that; it will serve its purpose while you clip your fan to a desk, picnic bench, beach chair, bike, bed, tent, golf cart or treadmill and hotel room stays, very easy to carry, just put on your backpack or luggage don’t forget to take along with you.


  • Great quality personal use fan
  • Quiet and very effective
  • Hands free cooling
  • 2 speed control
  • Convenient built in clip
  • Keep cool on the go anytime, anywhere
  • Multi directional and adjustable head
  • Both direct USB powered or battery powered stroller fan
  • Perfectly safe for baby & toddlers
  • Keeps baby cool in car
  • Blades are plastic, if somehow reach baby’s finger it will not hurt them


  • Requires buying batteries separately
  • Don’t mix up old and new batteries that will give less battery service

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • I ended up bringing it to my beach vacations and clipped it into our umbrella and had it pointing towards my kiddos and they loved it, Best portable fan for our toddler!
  • Must-have stroller fan for Disney World or other hot areas with kids!
  • Solid runtime, decent longevity, nice fan for a stroller, perfect for summer travel.
  • Fairly powerful fan with a strong clip, blows good, great quality and worth the buy.
  • Best fan hands down viewed a lot of fans before purchasing for baby. Worth every penny.
  • Easy to use and super versatile, portable fan to place almost anywhere you need it!

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#9. dizaul Portable Fan, Mini USB Rechargeable Fan with 2600mAh Battery Operated and Flash Light

Dizaul portable fan is very small desk fan (4 inch), comes with 5 different colors, bright white LED light on one side for illumination use, Compatible with Smartphone’s, Android, Samsung, Digital Cameras, GPS, Tablets, MP3 and MP4 player and very easy to carry; easily fits in the moms handbags. Premium 18650 cell lithium battery can be charged with power bank, car charger, Notebook, 5 V DC or solar charger.It can be used for different purposes for travelling, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, BBQ, baby stroller, picnic, biking, boating etc. Works great as mini desk fan but not much for baby stroller use, because there is no clamp with it so using for stroller might be problematic but for summer campaign it works in the tent.

Fully charged fan works 3 to 6 hours depending on the wind speed, three wind speeds enabled, industrial grade motors operated stroller fan that has long service life. Replaceable and rechargeable lithium battery requires charging up to 4 hours. The only drawback is that it’s not operational on AC or DC without battery. But can be operated while charging.


  • Nice deign, colorful mini USB fan
  • Portable in mom’s handbags
  • Much safe and efficient
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • LED light enabled for night
  • Compatible with digital cameras
  • Unique structure, fashionable
  • Quantity of air flow
  • Solar powered stroller fan
  • Best portable mini desk fan


  • There is no clamp so not good for baby stroller use
  • Not much durable

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • This fan was a huge hit with almost everyone who saw me using it, as it is strong and portable.
  • Relatively new arrival but still doing its purpose, love this mini desk fan.
  • Found stroller fan for newborn baby, and for elder one stroller board, going to alternate their place but still in a single toys! Lovely.

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

#10. Battery-Operated Clip on Fan, Portable Personal Fan for Baby Stroller, Rechargeable Battery or USB Powered Fan

This is our final selection for best clip on fan for stroller as well as portable mini fan for babies and toddlers. It’s comes just like another clip on stroller fan but its battery features allows it to serve most than other clip on fan; 8 to 48 hours of battery service by two 2200 mAh rechargeable battery that includes within the package. It can be operate with usb cables via direct source, stepless 360 degree rotation and wind adjustment enabled.It can charge your mobile phone, mp3, mp4 or any 5V compatible devices. It runs through battery but it also runs without battery, provides strong airflow, and can be clipped on strollers, treadmill, cribs, working desk, bed, in the car, Gym, Office, Outdoor, Travel, Camping, or anywhere you want. It’s so much portable you can take it anywhere for your summer outdoor activities. Very well made and excellent quality fan perfectly safe for trip to Disney land.

There also a special feature included with this fan that is; it contains small foam chamber to make your winds aromatic, you can put aroma, mosquito repellent, oils etc to add some extra comfort and get rid of summer sweaty odour. The fan is so small only 5 inches, so you can take it your sports ground to have some gentle breeze blast from this best handheld stroller fan. Customer service for this Glovion personal cooler fan rated very well, so you have it without worry. BUY with CONFIDENCE, 100% customer satisfaction & money-back guarantee.


  • Quality stroller fan
  • Portable, versatile, easy to use
  • Dual Batteries Smart Design
  • Clip on and Table Fan
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery Fan
  • Low noise and powerful small fan
  • Power Bank and Aroma Diffuser Function
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • 350° Wind Direction Adjustment
  • Life saver for summer days


  • Do not use the fan while charging
  • Do not use battery while you want use usb powered operation; it might lose your battery life.

What’s the opinion of real people about this?

  • If all is still good after charging I would say that this fan is … Winner winner chicken dinner!
  • Totally perfect fan for Disneyworld, I’m SO glad I purchased this and provide awesome customer service.
  • I use this fan for my newborn baby i do not have rear air in my vehicle and i attach this to her car seat and it works wonders.
  • You’d be surprised how much pressure this little thing can put off. This is the best portable fan!
  • Had an issue within the charging port after unboxing. Seller immediately sent a new unit and everything is great. My daughter loves this.
  • We got it to take on vacation with us to keep the baby cool in his stroller at amusement parks, cool stroller fan.
  • Great battery life, easy to charge, life saver on road trips!

Check Latest Price on Amazon.com

All You Need To Know When Choosing the Best Baby stroller fan

There are several things you should consider while you choose fan for baby stroller. Not every fan perfectly fits for with it but if you keep in mind following points then you will be able to find best fan for baby. It’s for different reasons like for safety as well as parent’s satisfaction.

Fan case

Most of the small fan comes with very tiny fan can casing opening specially designed for toddler’s safety. Some of the fan does not care about casing section, it can hurt little finger. We covered the entire stroller fan that has powerful safety options for baby.

Fan blades

Usually fan blades for adults are still made but for toddlers it mostly plastics made and covered with casing. Some awesome stroller fan offers very lightweight and foam made blades that provides more safety for the children but turn out when toddlers grows up time they are going to torn a apart. But I personally prefer foam blades for new born babies but for 2+ kids its very good to have plastics blades otherwise smart kids going to destroy it specially little boys.

Battery backup

It depends on entirely on your moods, but overall it’s good to have extended battery life fan, why? It’s because not every day we might not able to charge it timely. But when we need it, it might be dried up that’s one situation. Have another like if you are going long tour there might not be facilities for charging in those case 4-6 hours battery backed up fan does not going to work. Keep it 14 – 20 hours backed up fan that will serve you nicely.


This section is not as important as all the fans usually are made of plastics so bear with it. And it’s not good to have steel fan around the baby it might cause so many new problem like it’s a conductive and some rust might be encounter over time, so it would be wise decision to use plastics made fan or foam made fan are the best.


For baby stroller use clip on fan is must, without clipping or rotation it will come to baby use. But for other personal use you can choose it desk fan or neck hanging fan that’s your preference but baby use must have clip on. Double check it at the arrival or read carefully reviews that’s will ensure you best clip on fan for your baby.


Usually fan manufacturer are telling that their fan does not make any unwanted noise but in practical fan does make noise and it should be making noise by physics law, try to have minimal noised fan or bearable noised fan for your baby. We reviewed all those fan do make noise below 15 decibel. You should read some user review before make any purchase decisions.


All the fan for baby use usually very small but has minimal weighted, easy to carry and even it can be put on mama’s handbag for travel or fits within the good stroller organizer that ensures baby’s comfort even on the road trip. Usually weight of the stroller fan is ranging from 5 to 7 ounces (200/300 grams). Very lightweight and easy to carry even for toddlers.

Operating mode

It’s should be carefully observed while you are buying best stroller fan for baby. Every fan does operate with battery but some of them have special capacity like while there is no battery backed up but still runs on phone backup or from power bank or solar energy. Not every single fan offers such thing but you know your needs. It’s also good to have direct 5V running fan that will give battery some rest and you will have 24 hours cooling service.

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Frequently Asked Question

How do I keep my stroller cool in the summer?

Answer: Stroller fan for baby is a life saver in summer. It will help keep your baby cool and very comfortable even in sunny and hot days. It has option to speed up the fan when needed and slow it down whenever not required.

Can I put a fan in my baby room?

Answer: Yes, you should keep the fan alongside with the baby in the hot weather. It will give reduce some extra stress of yours. Whenever they need just give them a gentle breeze they will fall asleep soon. Stroller fan usually made up for bed bath and beyond.

How do I keep my baby cool in hot weather?

Answer: Keep you little fan with you always, hot weather will never troubles your child, while strolling with baby to neighbourhood put it with the baby’s stroller and keep strolling.

Can you sleep with a fan on with a baby?

Answer: It depends, if you are in ac then you might not need, but you should keep it at your arms distance, whenever baby needs give them cool wind that will help you to get some more sleep. If you feeling it’s too hot then at low speed you might on the fan for baby, for newborn or below 6 months, direct flow of fan breeze is not good, try to give at legs not on the chest that will might caught unwanted nausea, use your common sense on that.

Is fan air bad for babies?

Answer: Below 6 months babies direct fan blow on the chest might be a problematic but for over 6 months it’s not serious. For newborn try to give gentle air at babies sideways, that will reduce the nausea or cold possibilities.

Is fan or AC better for babies?

Answer: At the begging both might be a problematic but eventually it’s going to be okay. Try AC to keep at 25 centigrade initially after few months any temperature does not make any difference for the baby’s health. For newborn try to avoid direct flow on the chest after few months it’s also going to be okay any speed or any flow.

What is best stroller fan for uppababy vista?

Answer: Choose any of the clipped fan above that will be fine for uppababy vista stroller. Our recommendations is Stroller Fans Mini USB Desk Clip Fan, YXwin 2019 Newest Table fan; it’s the best multifunctional stroller fan that will keep cool your baby on the summer days.

Does come stroller fan with usb charger?

Answer: Yes. It does come up with usb charger. Some of the fan can be even runs from usb cable, of course all the stroller fan are battery powered.

Where to buy stroller fan?

Answer: Stroller fan are most popular baby accessories that you can buy anywhere you want to from local market to online market like amazon, walmart or target. We only reviewed the best stroller fan that’s available at the amazon, but you can search it target stroller fan or walmart stroller fan on the Google and some of the reviewers review might be helpful for you.

Is battery replaced for stroller fan and where to buy?

Answer: The most popular question is that battery life and its replacement. You can buy it from your nearby store or you can have it from amazon, just type your battery model and get it from amazon very easily.

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