Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer, Manor Review

Having trouble getting baby to sleep? Do you need some quiet time? The Graco Duet Connect Swing and Bouncer in the pattern Manor just might help! The baby industry has come up with this design in recent years. They’ve connected swing and bouncers into one. This design has become very popular. You can remove the bouncer from the swinging base itself to make for easy transport so baby can stay close. Having these two toys combined also saves space. Even though babies themselves are very small, their toys and other things can take up a lot of room. This type of baby soother is very nice for people who don’t want their house covered in baby equipment.

How safe is this swing bouncer combo?

Most swings and bouncers usually have good safety ratings due to them being low to the ground. Some parents worry that the material is too loose or there’s too much cushion. They also might worry that the hooks and straps aren’t well made. Parents and Grandparents alike have bought these for their babies and so far, so good. With swings being lower to the ground and inclined further back, is very nice compared to old swings that sit almost straight up and are pretty far off the ground.

What type of soothing features does the swing and bouncer have?

The Graco Duet Connect Swing and Bouncer has six swing settings so you can find the right pace for your little one. Some babies like to swing slowly while others like a bit more speed. The swing also includes a little head rest while babies are tiny and need the neck support. This feature is removable so that when baby grows and needs a little more room you can just remove the head rest. The bouncer also has vibrating features to help sooth baby when needed.

What other handy features does the Graco Duet Connect Swing and Bouncer have?

This swing and bouncer has one very high pro attached. It can not only run on batteries for the swing feature, but you can plug it into the wall! This is so handy. It can save you tons of money on batteries and the hassle of having to replace them. This swing and bouncer need a combined amount of 5 D batteries to run while it’s not plugged in. Most people would save that for when they’re not at home.

What age and weight limit is set on this swing bouncer combo by Graco?

Graco recommends to stay within the 5.5 – 30 pound range. Some babies get to 30 pounds faster than others, but this usually takes right around a year! That’s gives quite a long time to use it. There is no recommended height provided by Graco, but most parents can use it at their own discretion. A lot of toys like this down usually have a height requirement because, like in car seats, it doesn’t usually hurt baby to have their little feet over the edge.


  • This toy has a lot of features for it’s reasonable price
  • The swing bouncer combo has a charger so that batteries are not a requirement and saves a ton of money and waste.
  • This toy also includes 5 soothing songs that will help little one go to sleep if they’re struggling.


  • If you need to use the batteries, they only last 3 hours
  • Even though it’s a two in one toy, it can still take up quite a bit of room

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What soothing features does the Graco Duet Connect Swing and Bouncer Include?

Answer: It includes five different songs, vibrations, 6 swing setting and a mobile. The bouncer is designed to be portable so baby can go where you go around the house.

Q. How long do the batteries last if I don’t have an electrical outlet to plug it in?

Answer: This toy requires a combined number of 5 D batteries. Which can seem like a lot, but if you turn it off while baby is in it can help.

Q. Does this swing include a 5-point harness?

Answer: Yes, this toy includes a five-point harness for safety precautions.

Final Verdict

This toy has so much to offer a parent who really just needs a break or a safe place for baby to be while they’re not in the loving arms of their parents or family. The swing and bouncer combo makes it so much easier for parents and grandparents alike to sooth baby to sleep with the bouncing features, swing features, music, vibrations, comfortable and machine washable seat cover. This swing has one of the best price tags for the features it includes. Most bouncy seats and swing combos go for a pretty heavy tag. This one, in particular, has a lot to offer. This is definitely recommended if you’re in the market for something like this.

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