Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing Blue Review

Are you looking for a way to spend fun time with your little one outside? Want to give your youngster the feeling of swinging in the breeze but can’t find a swing that fits the little guy? With the 2-in-2 Snug ‘n Secure swing created by Little Tikes, parents have a safe and secure swing that fits children ages 9 months to 4 years old. The swing can be attached to swing set or even hung from a large tree outside, so baby can enjoy the breeze. Its versatility is due to a T-bar and straps that not only hold the child firmly in place but also adjust as the child grows larger. At an affordable  price it’s easy to see why parents have nothing but great things to say about this product.


Snug ‘n Secure at a Glance

The Snug ‘n Secure swing is equipped with an adjustable T-bar. The T-bar is attached to comfortable shoulder straps that help keep baby safely in place while in the swing. The T-bar also easily rotates allowing parents a frustration-free experience when placing baby in the swing. Another great thing about the T-bar, it can be taken off the swing as the child grows bigger and older, allowing the swing to be in use from the time baby is 9 months old, well into the toddler years. According to the website this swing holds a maximum weight of 50lbs.

Snug ‘n Secure Easy Installation

The Snug ‘n Secure swing is easy to assemble. Many customers report being able to not only attach the swing to swing sets outdoors, but a large tree in their yard, or even from anchors placed inside the home. With some small modifications and possibly extra rope, customers have been able to place this swing in a number of places providing safe inexpensive fun anywhere and everywhere. Because of the swings design there is no worry about baby falling and/or slipping out of the swing as the seat cups the child while the straps comfortably hold him/her in place.

Snug ‘n Secure Durability

With a four out of five-star rating, the Snug ‘n Secure swing has top rating in durability. It’s durable plastic construction prevents normal wear and tear. Though caution should be taken against extreme outdoor weather such as cold or extreme heat. Storing inside will help thwart any deterioration caused by weather. With these conditions taken into account, customers have reported the Snug ‘n Secure swing has been able to last years, being passed down from child to child and from family to family.

Snug ‘n Secure Design

While safety and function are two of the most important topics to research while looking for fun things for the little one, design is also important. After all children are attracted to objects that both look and feel fun. This swing comes in a multitude of colors including pink, blue and green, without sacrificing any of the safety and comfort. As mentioned before, the swing is designed to fit children ages 9 months to 4 years old and can be used with or without the T-bar and straps. The deep “cup” like seat allows the little one to sit securely and comfortably in the seat while in motion.


  • Easy Assembly
  • Semi-Weather Resistant
  • Inexpensive Replaceable parts
  • Attractive Design


  • Fraying Rope
  • Installation may require more materials
  • Not weather resistant enough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Q.What’s the best way to install this swing?

Answer: The way to install this swing is onto another larger swing set outside. However, customers have also been able to install this swing in other places. For the best information use the installation guide provided on the website. You can download and print a PDF version for free.

Q. How do I install my swing indoors?

Answer: Yes, the Snug ‘n Secure swing can easily be installed indoors. However, be cautious and make sure you have more than enough available space. Though the swing itself is lightweight (3lbs.) it’s important to be sure that your ceiling can handle the heavy duty anchors that you may need to purchase. For more information, consult the Little Tikes website at or simply consult a handyman.

Q. How do you adjust the straps?

Answer: There are black clips placed on the straps that easily slide up and down. The straps work similarly to straps used in car seats or high chairs.

Q. How do I find replaceable parts?

Answer: Finding parts is simple and cost effective. To replace parts contact customer service at 1-800-321-0183. Or you can find replaceable parts at

Q. What are the dimensions for this product? How much weight can this product hold?

Answer: This product is 16.30” L x 16.00” W and stands 17.00” high. It weighs a mere 3 lbs. The swing’s maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs

Final Verdict

Overall the Snug ‘n Secure swing is a beautifully designed, easy to assemble fun addition to any swing set or tree around the home. Your little one will have so much fun they may never want to get out. Its durability ensures that this product will remain within the family for years to come. All of this for a very affordable price.

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