Infantino Wonder Whale Kicks and Giggles Gym Review

This is one of the most interesting mats out there for little ones. It has a very unique design that started to attract consumers, but with more use they determined their own conclusions (we’ll get to that later). The Infantino Wonder Whale Kicks and Giggles Gym has a floor mat with a large plastic piece that goes up and curves like a whale’s tail. The whale’s tail holds dangling toys, some hard some soft. The mat that the baby lays on is also a tummy time mat with a pillow for support included. The material that is used on the mat is pretty squishy to make an almost water bed type effect which can be pretty entertaining for baby. Let’s see what else this infant gym has to offer?

Is this toy safe for all babies?

Some reviews by parents have led to some concern. With the material that they use the baby can actually wiggle hard enough to cause the toys above their head to get into their faces. Some of the toys are hard which have led parents to be concerned about the baby getting hit in the head with the hard toys and getting hurt. Few parents have actually had their baby’s hit hard enough to cause concern, but if it can happen to one baby, it can happen to more, so keep that in mind.

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What type of toys hang over the baby?  

Like mentioned before, there are some soft toys and some hard toys. The mat itself is very soft and so is the portion of that mat that the babies kick. The toys that hang above the baby’s head are all ocean oriented. The toys are a crab, fish (with a hard round plastic ring attached but not removable), a star fish and an octopus. The toys are called linkable which lead me to believe that they are removable.

Is there a recommended age limit to this toy?

With this toy being a mat, there isn’t an age limit to this toy. Infantino says that it’s safe for newborn though. Babies will be ok on this toy as long as they won’t be able to kick it so hard that the toys above the baby’s head can move and accidentally hit the baby in the head or face. So, it’s recommended to take the baby out before they’re strong enough to do this to themselves.

How large is the mat itself?

A lot of companies produce mats that are pretty large and come with a lot of attachments for baby’s entertainment. The mat itself is pretty standard in size, but with the attached whale’s tail makes it a little larger. The dimensions specifically are 24 X 4.1 X 20.1 inches. Some parents have asked if this toy is foldable, which it is in its own way. The type of material they used in this toy can make it kind of tricky for it to fold down really well, but it does fold.


  • It’s a very soft mat which makes playing for baby very comfortable because some mats aren’t very cushioned and some parents worry about baby getting flat head if they lay on their back too long.
  • There are four dangling toys included that make the toy very entertaining for baby.


  • The whale’s tail that is attached to the mat has been known to have too much movement when the baby kicks really hard and the toys that dangle on the tail can actually get in the baby’s face. This has concerned some parents because they, obviously, don’t want their baby getting hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does the toy fold up?

The toy itself can be pretty tricky to fold up because of the water bed type material it is made of. There are ways to fold it up to make it a little easier for travel though.

Q. Is there a way to keep the toys further away from baby’s face?

Some parents have removed the overhead toys to keep them out of baby’s face.

Q. When should baby stop playing with the toy?

The baby should stop playing with this toy when they start to get bored with it or if the parents think they have simply outgrown the size of that mat.

Final Verdict

This toy is very unique. It has some pretty cool features to it, but it has also caused a lot of parents some worry that were mentioned earlier. Aside from that one safety worry, it seems like there are a lot of babies who have really enjoyed this toy and probably learned a lot of equal and opposite reactions because of how it’s built. There is a tummy time cushion included which helps keep this toy versatile even with it’s odd shape. This toy seems like it comes with a decent price tag of $50, which is pretty standard for a tummy time mat with unique qualities.