Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies Review

The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity is every inch a special kind of jumper for baby. Why is that? The answer is abundantly clear. The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper does indeed contain a lot of fun and activity to keep the attention of infants of all ages from beginning to end. The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper is a combination of many wonderful things. Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Simple as that. Babies adore being in jumpers that aren’t only colorful, but that are also, filled with lots of imagination, learning, and play too.

Little Ones Can And Will Jump Up With Delight

Babies will feel happy, bouncy, and alive in an environment where they truly do thrive. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper will bring them a unique and absorbing at home backdrop that they will secure and happy in completely. Simple as that. There is nothing that matters most than baby being all smiles and jumping up and down with delight that is out of sight.

Baby Einstein Friends Will Make Baby Feel Welcome And At Home

What is great about the Baby Einstein jumper is all of the Baby Einstein Friends that will be waiting for baby to get know personally. They will make baby feel welcome and at home while he or she jumps with lots of energy and enthusiasm in the confines of the jumper itself. Baby Einstein Friends are truly some smart friends in that they make baby feel loved and part of a group environment.

12 Plus Activities Will Make For 12 Times The Fun For Little Ones

All babies of every and any age do love to play. What is great about the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper is evident. It is that it has tons of 12 Plus Activities that vary in different areas and ways for baby to have lots of fun that does vary and make for a good time every time.

Music And Education In Fun And Imagination

The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper isn’t just about all jumping and play. It is also about an adventure in self discovery for little one and him or her learning as they play too. Music and education in fun and imagination is what the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper does deliver in a way that is smart and diverse repeatedly.


  • The Baby Einstein Activity Jumper encourages 360 degrees of fun that is diversified and keeps baby’s attention. Triple threat of fun combination of music, language, and toys.
  • It provides stimulating and multi-sensory experiences that baby will take with them for life.
  • Has a secure support seat that does offer extra support and security for all little ones.
  • Comes with available five height settings that grow with baby as they go and develop.


  • Only allows baby to move a little.
  • Doesn’t have as much bounce as it claims to have.
  • Baby’s range of vision is blocked at certain angles to see around room.


Is far more than just an activity bouncer to keep baby occupied

Holds baby securely in place and maintains support that parents can depend on

Is diversified enough in the definition of fun to hold baby’s attention and keep them quiet

Can teach baby about different things that include language and music

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this device good for a child’s development?

The answer is yes. It is stimulating, great exercise, and fun at the same time.

Q. What is the recommended age of usage for this baby jumper?

The recommended age can be as young as three months. However, baby needs to hold up its head and be pretty much stable.

Q. Can the seat be removed to be washed?

The answer is yes. However, the process isn’t an easy one, and it can be removed by turning the jumper over on its side and pressing on the tabs.

Final Verdict

What is the conclusion on the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper? The answer is this. Based on the customer rating, as well as, numerous glowing customer reviews. The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper with Lights and Melodies is a baby product of the highest quality and one that many would be glad to be a part of their baby’s growing life. Babies need lots of activity and this jumper offers them that in huge abundance. It also gives baby many things from being able to exercise to learn about various things to just having fun and giggling happily.

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