BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft Review

If you have been searching for the ideal solution for resting your little one with comfort and with added security features, then an excellent suggestion for you would be to try out the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft – Black/Dark Gray, Cotton. It’s obvious that all parents appreciate baby products that can achieve more that one results, so you are more than sure of loving the superior design of this Duetconnet unit. Best of all it also comes with an appealing exterior design that lets you provide your little one rest with comfort and style as well.

Removable swing seat and dynamic powering options

The Duet connects comes with a removable swing seat that is highly versatile such that it can double up as a bouncer as well. Besides that, this unit also allows the user to choose how they would like to power up. To be specific, this BABYBJORN Bouncer connects swing and bouncer can be used with batteries when you are away from a convenient power source, or you can perhaps connect to a wall outlet thanks to the inclusion of the plug and cord. Using this plug is an excellent strategy to save money on additional batteries when using swing chairs.

Vibration With Two Speed Settings Keeps Baby Relaxed And Overhead Toy Bar

This exceptional baby swing chair also comes with a gentle vibration setting that is ideal for soothing and relaxing your child. Besides that, the seat comes with two speeds setting such that the user can find the appropriate setting to vibe and calm the baby. Since playing is also an important aspect of your baby`s development, this unit also comes with an overhead toy bar such that your kids will love reaching for the cute toys hung overhead on the mobile device.

Roomy Seat With Recline With Head Support

Moreover, this seat also comes with a roomy seat with recline and head support that help to keep the baby cozy at all times. More so, the highly ergonomic design of the roomy seat makes it ideal for resting the baby even for extended durations. Simply put, the duet connect baby swing, and bouncer comes with a roomy seat, which can recline to help you find the appropriate position to keep the baby comfortable at all times. Further lending to the superior comfort design is that it also comes with detachable head support that not only keeps your little one comfortable but also provides sufficient space for movement as well.

Ten Melodies, Five Nature Sounds And Six Swinging Speeds

Your baby will come across unique additions that surprise and excite her since this baby swing features well over ten melodies and 5-nature sound that can be fun to discover together. In fact, you will enjoy watching your baby laughing and enjoying themselves with the melodic tunes. Your little one will also appreciate relaxing on this chair thanks to the six swinging speeds that allow you to find the ideal pace to amuse your little one.


  • It comes with an overhead toy bar.
  • It also features melodies to entertain your little one.
  • This baby swing comes with head support and detachable recline.
  • Assembly is easy.


  • The batteries require replacing at some point.
  • The motor is a bit loud in operation.
  • The harness is weak in structure.


  •  Removable swing seat and dynamic powering options
  •  Vibration with two-speed settings keeps baby relaxed and overhead toy bar
  •  Roomy seat with recline with head support
  •  Ten melodies and five nature sounds will delight and amuse
  •  Mobile with three soft toys keeps baby entertained
  •  5-point harness keeps your child secure
  •  Built-In Vibrations

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does this baby swing come with a bouncer?

Answer: Yes it features a bouncer that can be detached for added functionality.

Q. How is this unit powered?

Answer: This Baby swing can either be powered by batteries or a power outlet

Q. Is it easy to transition from the swing to the bouncer?

Answer: Yes, all it requires is one pull.

Final Verdict

All things considered, when it comes to providing your little one with the ideal setting for development, there is barely any space for poor decision-making or perhaps poor decision making. It’s imperative that you make an informed decision for to ensure that your baby is not only comfortable and entertained at all times, but is also safe and secure as well. For this reason, the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft – Black/Dark Gray, Cotton is an excellent investment at such a point in time.

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